Monday, November 15, 2010

Mancandy Monday: Andy Yarrow From Control

Now, I know you all know why I dig Gabriel Kauffman so hard. He ticks all the boxes I often babble on about, on this blog. The repressed box. The dark-haired box. The sweater-vest box. The dick in a box. Etcetera.

But Andy Yarrow is more of a mystery. He ticks boxes I don't often think about, and man alive he ticks them hard. He doesn't give a shit if I have boxes or not. He just wants to get out his big tick and...

Well. I'm sure you get the picture.

You see, as much as I love a beta man, and as much as I love femdom...I do find that I like a contrast with those things. When I'm developing a huge stonking beast of a novel, I need some light, to the shade. Some aggressive to the submissive. Some alpha to the beta.

And that's what Andy is.

However, I think it's unfair to say to a totally fictional character that he's just the contrast to Gabriel's uptight submissive, because really, he was kind of around before Gabe was. The novel started out with him, looking all hot and surly and sweaty and tattooed. Based, pretty clearly, on this slab of man-flesh:

Then it suddenly sprouted Gabe, right when I hadn't even been considering going the femdom route. Which makes it sound as though I was very surprised by this- but I probably shouldn't have been. When I crush, I usually start off with someone obvious and handsome and probably a bit of a jerk- like, say Sirius Black.

And then suddenly I find myself utterly and hopelessly mad for Remus Lupin, who has crept up on me like something I didn't even know I wanted. Like something insiduous and with claws, that grips onto my brain and my lust hubs and won't let go.

The ones that creep never let me go. They stay in my imagination forever, and demand sequels, and I look back on them fondly like old lovers I never had.

Where as the Andys...yeah. The Andys are a little more disposable. A little more casual. Ready to jerk on my lust hubs* whenever I'm in the mood. But hey- I'm pretty sure that's just the way they like it.

Want a taste of Control? It's now totally available on Amazon, on either the Kindle or in paperback, US or UK. And it's available at Xcite, too!

*No, I've no idea what lust hubs are, either. They're not my boobs. Shut up. They're not.


  1. I have no idea where to go with this comment, except to say that I appreciate a good slab of man-flesh as much as the next girl. If lust hubs were boobs *coughs* then I wouldn't mind them being jerked while in the mood, either.

  2. hubjerking? My, my. You two are mavericks :)

  3. Do BT do Lust Hubs? It would certainly make those awful adverts with Kris Marshall more interesting.

  4. So who is the slab of man flesh??

    I take it you're going to see Harry Potter this weekend then? I am!! Can't wait xx

  5. Hailey- LOL!

    Jo- We're on the cutting edge of sex.

    Justine- I wish. But only if it wasn't Kris Marshall.

    Lucy- Alex O'Loughlin! I wish I could have! But no. Sometime this week, hopefully.