Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fun Facts About Control

So Madelynne Ellis did this. And I liked it. So I thought I'd do it, too.

But first, I just have to point out this amazing thing: Control is £2.80 on Amazon UK (for paperback!) and $4.21 on the Kindle on Amazon US! Can you believe that? Bargain, right? And since I'm sure this is some sort of one week only deal, grab a copy while you can!



Anyway, where was I? Ah yes. Fun facts about Control.

1. It was originally going to be set in a library. But then I realised I couldn't have half the kinky shenanigans going on, actually in the library. They'd be far too noisy. I mean a blowjob alone makes not just a bunch of pleasured groans, but a whole cavalcade of lip smackings and suction noises. Whereas the bookstore gave me a lot of...ahem...freedom.

2. At first, the book was going to be largely about Andy. Then it was going to be largely about Gabe. And then I realised it would be much more fun to just put the two together to make one shaky, horny menage. Hooray!

3. Andy is based on Alex O'Loughlin.

4. Gabe is based on...well. I'm sure you know by now who Gabe is based on.

5. Madison is based on...I don't know. Me, I guess? Though the odd and probably telling thing is that Gabe's obsession with horny books is actually my obsession. His story about discovering horniness through a horror story? That's from my life. So maybe we won't look too deeply into that.

6. The books named in Control are based on Menage, The Top Of Her Game, Crash Course, On Demand, The Stranger and Dreamers In Time. It's my homage to Black Lace, of course. In fact, my early love of Black Lace probably informed the book more than any other thing.

7. I did actually pick a specific street in York where I imagined the book shop being. We used to pass it often on the way to the cinema, and notice it because it had a big glaring sex shop right in the middle! I imagine Wicked Words would be just as glaring.

8. I totally wish Wicked Words was real. I basically created my fantasy book shop, and I swear to God I'd be in there every day. Of course, in reality it probably wouldn't survive three seconds. Thank God for fantasy! In fact, its survival is probably the most fantastical thing in the entire book.

So there you have it. I can't think of any more, now. Though if you've read the book, and have any questions about why I wrote about this weird thing or that, please feel free to ask! Not to mention enter the competition that's still going on. Just email me with the fake titles of some of the books in Control, and you could be in with a chance of winning my entire ebook backlist, plus three Cleis anthologies!


  1. Hi Charlotte :)
    Thank you for the wonderful post!

  2. Hello, RK! Sorry- I totally missed your comment! Thanks so much for stopping by and I'm glad you liked the post.