Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alison Tyler Is Orsu- Great.

I really like Alison Tyler’s blog. This is of absolutely no consequence to anyone, but I do. Mainly because it holds no secrets. Or barely any secrets. I remember there was a big brou-ha-ha a while back in Romancelandia, about whether writers can be too honest and say too many things (usually dirty), and Justine Elyot’s blog the other day made me think about this, too. I guess just about how much information is too much.

When really I think it should be- how much information do I want to share, and stuff the lot of you. I mean, I’d never go round to people’s blogs and comment on how little someone shared. That would just be outrageous! So why is it okay for people to tell other people to say less? Or even suggest it?

Alison Tyler’s blog is brilliant because she says so much (while still being discreet) about the world of publishing and erotica, worlds that are often closed and secretive and full of Masonic handshakes- or at least seem to be, sometimes. So it’s a great place to go and read fun reports and things that happened and blunders that people could possibly make and always seem to, all over poor Ms Tyler.

Though I’m sure I’m about to make many of these blunders, and haven’t learnt my lesson at all. Mostly I think I just come across like a jackass. I’m probably coming across like a jackass right now, commenting on a likely still touchy subject that people will hold grudges over for the next ten million years, and saying things about Alison Tyler, and raving like a lunatic on important people's blogs. But I can’t help it! I was always too afraid before to say stuff, and comment on my fave author’s blogs, but now that I’m pretending to be one of them, surely it’s okay to rave like a lunatic?

I feel if you don’t take this opportunity to say oh hai I leik you, when will you ever say it?

You’ve got to seize the day.
You’ve got to live the dream. Of being a jackass.

Or maybe not.


  1. Oh dear, I didn't realise Alison Tyler had been getting it in the neck. Her blog is one of my favourites - in fact, it was partly her very openness and honesty that persuaded me to pen my first nervous little piece of smut. One of the biggest thrills of my life was reading the 'Liaisons' proofs and finding myself in the same anthology as ALISON TYLER. I went all teenagerish.

  2. Oh, and a quick disclaimer - my blog post did not in any way mean to imply that I think the more open approach is a Bad Thing. I envy those writers whose friends/family/wider social circle appreciate that publishing erotica is not something to be ashamed of. Much as I'd love to shout stuff from the rooftops, mainly I have to whisper it down a crack in the skirting board. Sigh.

  3. " blog post did not in any way mean to imply that I think the more open approach is a Bad Thing."

    Oh God no, I never thought that! No no no. Your post was merely the lovely springboard from which my rambling thoughts partially sprung. I meant to email you, actually, cos I wanted to make sure it was okay to talk about this know, things that we've kind of talked about. They've been on my mind and I've been mulling them, clearly.

    And it's not like I'm massively open and telling all- hence my gratitude aimed at people who say stuff, particularly about erotica and publishing. It's such a relief to read stuff, sometimes and think: thank God. Thank God I stopped myself from doing that.

    Alison does seem to get quite a bit of hassle some times from authors and backstabbing types, and I do read her blog and think: why aren't you just more grateful. Why aren't you more grateful that she's published your work? Do people really think they're so awesome that they can just turn around and throw such an honour back in someone's face?


    /here endeth me completely speaking out of turn about Ms Tyler's blog and stuff. See, this is me. I worry that I'm talking out of turn! I panic when I've commented on some illustrious person's blog! I will never be that cool. I'm in awe of the sharing types too!

  4. I'm totally in a constant panic that I've spoken out of turn at the mo; it's as if I'm expecting some dimwitted remark of mine to completely ruin my entire life and leave me in the gutter with a bottle of thunderbird. I keep having to ask myself if that's really likely (yes).

    Anyway, yay, thanks for the shout - I feel famous! I knew that you knew what I meant - if you know what I mean...

  5. "it's as if I'm expecting some dimwitted remark of mine to completely ruin my entire life and leave me in the gutter with a bottle of thunderbird."

    I have no other thought, constantly, day and night. Well, maybe not that bit about the thunderbird. But one remark ruining my life? Yes yes yes. Lawks oh Lordy yes.