Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Think I Have Some Previously Hidden Stealthy Shame Barrier

How about you?

I've always thought of myself as a bit of a floozy, but apparently not. Apparently I'm secretly a 19th Century prim and proper Governess, who balks at the flagrant and sordid behaviour of the Lord of the Manor.

I just can't get the winkies to go in the moomins, sometimes. They run away from me, afraid of my shame barrier. My shame barrier is like a waterchute, and all the cocks and fannies and tits and nipples and bumholes and quims and cunts and clits and bubbies and writhing wriggling bodes slide off down it into the abyss of propriety.


  1. Okay, it's official: I am addicted to your bright shiny hilarious new blog, Charlotte!

  2. Ah, see, I think the shame barrier is part of what makes it good. Without a shame barrier you end up with a load of "and then 800 more people did each other up the arse with lighted candles" type stuff, which all gets a bit blah. Or is that just me?

    Hello, anyway, just wanted to pop in and give you a faux-Masonic handshake, since I gather we're in a similar publishing boat just now. (I like to think of it as an 18th century barkantine full of saucy pirates.)

  3. Yeah! Other people all up in my blog!

    My blog is in no way bright, shiny and hilarious, but thank you, Jeremy! I read your bit on Nikki Magennis' writing that touches, which was awesome. Awesome that she did a feature like that (I want to go around asking cool peeps questions!) and awesome that you came across so awesome.

    And now you're here, in my blog!

    And Justine! *shakes Masonicly and pirately* We are defo in the same boat. I read your thing that is in the same boat as my thing! And became excited, because my thing is bound to look better by virtue of being in the presence of your thing.

    You're right about the shame barrier, too. I don't know why I resent it so much. It stops me shoving lighted candles up people's bums, for God's sake.

  4. Cheers! I'm hoping all the sparkly stuff surrounding it will rub off my story too ;). More power to your smut elbow!

  5. That's 'rub off ON my story'. My kingdom for a comment edit facility!

  6. Thanks for the awesome "awesomes," Charlotte!