Sunday, January 18, 2009

Does Anyone Remember....

Okay, so I know that barely anyone will read this but I've searched and searched...

There's a Black Lace book- a historical. In it, there's a scene where some young Lord of the Manor type has it away with two maids in a barn, I think. The heroine is spying on him, I believe, as he gives it to them good and proper.

Anyone have any idea which one it is? Plz help! Charlotte must have nostalgia pr0nz!


  1. Sorry. Not read that many BL historicals. Don't think it's "Lord Wraxall's Fancy" (Plantation setting, wicked lord, unwilling young wife)?

    The person to ask is probably Madelynne Ellis. If you sign up as a memebr of the Black Lace chatroom you can ask that sort of thing from a bunch of people.

  2. Thanks Janine. It's not Lord Wraxall's- I've already got it- but good attempt on my poor behalf. It's driving me nuts!

    I've joined the board, but will forever be too nervous to post anywhere on it. It's hard enough commenting on fabulous peep's blogs- the other day I commented on Madelynne's and had to lie down afterwards- she'll think I'm a stalking nutter if I comment again asking about barns and historicals.

    I only recently stopped reaching for the smelling salts whenever you dropped by my little blog!

  3. It could be so many of them...

    Stand and Deliver... No, hang on, that's the heroine and two stable-hands. Nope, not sure. Sounds like The Rake more than anything, but that's a Nexus title.

  4. Oh mah Lord it's Madelynne Ellis all up in mah blog!

    You know, I think it might be Stand and Deliver. I always did like Helena Ravenscroft. What ever happened to her? I always wonder what happened to BL authors who don't write anymore. Did they not sell enough? Did they move on to other things under a different name?

    But I digress. Thanks for the suggestions, Madelynne! And for visiting. I shall try Stand and Deliver even if it might not be, because it isn't Opal Darkness, Juliet Rising, Feast For The Senses, Lord Wraxall's or The Intimate Eye (or yours, of course, which I have two copies of, mysteriously. I knew it wasn't AGW, though, cos your heroine is a hot feisty tamale and I think this heroine is a bit more reserved).

    My search continues, alas.

  5. I'm grinning a little because it sounds like every Victorian erotica novel by "Anonymous" that I ever read before 1989!