Friday, March 20, 2009

No Sick Pay For You, Worker.

So I might have appendicitis. It's looking less and less likely, but still. Really made me think about how much we writers rely on our own good spirits/good health/morale. All I could think was: I've only finished ten stories, and half finished another five! What if I'm now in hospital for the next two weeks up to my deadline?!1!

Of course I realise that other writers have it far worse than me. Other writers have to live on their income, and if they're sick or feeling low they get whipped with chains by the Boss of the plant. The Boss writes reports on them: actually dared not to write 1000 words today! Am going to give them nothing but gruel.

And 1000 words is never enough. No bread if they don't try for a 1000 more every day!

I imagine. In fact, I don't imagine. I kind of know, if only on a small scale. I adore writing, I love it, I could never not do it. Every day I am grateful for my little bit of success. It's worth it to put up with the Boss because of all the lovely writing.

But the Boss still sucks, sometimes. Especially when you might have appendicitis.


  1. Noooo, don't have appendicitis! I hope it's something very much lesser that goes away in a few minutes time. Take care xxx

  2. Poor you, Charlotte. I had an appendicitis scare a bit back. Spend 24hrs in hospital, ready for theatre and then they changed their minds and decided it might just be a niggly appendix or a cyst on an ovary that had burst, or something (no evidence of any of those things of course).

    Hope you're feeling better soon. xx

  3. Oh! So sorry to hear you're sick! I hope it's not appendicitis.

    The thing about being a writer is that yes, we are evil taskmasters, but we also know (or should know) where we can slack just a bit-- like when we're sick. You will make up for any lost writing time because your internal writing clock will readjust. I was down with some awful viral thing a couple of weeks ago and had no desire to write, but now the urge has kicked into high gear.

    In other words-- take care of yourself. The writing will come.

  4. If you need me to send you a get-well-parcel, I shall. Hope you are better soon. I was wondering what you were up to t'other day. Now I know - being ill!!11111111 Don't stress - get well and then the words will flow more fluidly than Lee Sexbrow's sexuality.

    I send you my best Fairy Sefi-Plum healing vibes, Klara. Keep away from the Nutcracker soldier and we can look at the chocolate, tea and cake fairies together.

    *preps tutu ready for action*

  5. Justine- ta, bebes. You're a good 'un.

    Madelynne- it's weird, innit? How don't they know what it is? My doc was like well, it's likely to be your appendix. But it could be this or this or this.

    I think I just had a niggly one. Hopefully.

    Thanks Kristina- I'm already writing like a demon to make up for time lost, and just in case it does get worse. Glad you're better from your viral thingie!

    And Sefi- yeah, I was being ill! But I'm getting better, I think. It still grumbles a bit but nowhere near as bad. Let's eat the cake fairies, yeah!

  6. Take care of yourself, Charlotte. The writing won't go away. Btw, according to your word count meter: you're done! When can we pop the bubbly for you?

  7. Oh no - hope you're feeling better soon Charlotte.

  8. Thanks guys! I think I'm okay, now. Just feeling a bit blah.

    And no bubbly popping yet! I've written over the word count, but I haven't yet finished enough stories. I've got about seven that are nearly done. Unfortunately I keep getting new ideas and going off on tangents, so I need to focus tonight and really get a couple finished. Two more and I'm safe.