Monday, June 1, 2009

Mancandy Monday: Chuck Gunderson

And yeah, he doesn't exist outside my head. But he's the hero of my latest WIP, and he's consuming my very soul. I can't write enough about him. He demands my attention, like a spoilt child.

So here's a pic of his man-nipples. Just because, you know, I say so.

They're actually someone else's man-nipples, but it's a good enough likeness. In fact, he's very like this fellow all over. Maybe we can play guess the nipples?


  1. Another good pastime is where we use Photoshop to mix up the right and left nipples--like in a shell game--and you have to identify which is which. To make it really challenging, we could even throw in a third nipple, if that eponymous Man with the Golden Gun isn't using it anymore.

  2. Can I play? Is it someone you've already had as mancandy or is he a stranger to the blog?

  3. At last, I've managed to get into comments! Stupid blogger doing weird things.

    Jeremy- hee hee! The third nipple like a wild card! Hey- do ya fancy winning a copy of BL antho Liaisons? It's dead good! See Free Book post for details!

    Justine, you can play! He *has* already been a mancandy. Ooooh, it's so mysterious! Like Cluedo.