Saturday, September 5, 2009


Okay, so, I've decided that I'm going to do a weekly review on my blog. Partly because I was asked by someone if I'd possibly do a review of something, and partly because I love talking about great books.

So before I get to the actual reviewing, some rambling thoughts:

I'm not going to always be a pussycat about things, but I'm not going to be a brute. I think that's the kind of creative writing teacher I am, and it seems to have turned out all right for me in that area. I've never had someone beat me up, at any rate- touch wood.

I think I'll mostly stick to books I really love - especially ones that have influenced me, erotica-wise - but if anyone else out there would like me to review something, ask away! I'd love to review anything and everything, including "Great Knitting Patterns of Europe" and "Garden Gnomes: A History". And my blog has had a thousand visitors (ZOMG!), so it's possible someone will see my review of your awesome book/story/knitting pattern treatise.

Of course, those thousand visitors are all probably just two people visiting me a thousand times, but even so! Two whole people! Yeah!


  1. 2 people are better then zero people...yaye!
    cant wait for your sexy funny wise and witty reviews...

    garden gnomes?? please yes!

  2. Those two people are veeeery well-travelled, aren't they? I like your review idea - there is definitely room for several more erotica reviewers on the block.

  3. I'd suggest it is at least 3 people.

  4. Thanks, Danielle!

    Justine- I know! My two people have apparently been to Oman, New Zealand (only 18 hours away!) and Germany, amongst 40 other places. They must be fookin' loaded.

    And Janine- I'm not so sure it stretches to three. I'm pretty certain that I'm imagining at least one of you guys.