Monday, August 24, 2009

Mancandy Monday: Some Weirdo

If you regularly read this blog - as I know you do, Bertha - you'll be aware that I like weird men. Men that only a select number of women like. Though I know the number of those women is growing.

Because women, I feel, sometimes find it easier to like weird men. As opposed to men, who even when they're weird often prefer babelicious women.

Though there's nothing wrong with that. I can understand why some weird men would like to be surrounded by hot babes. Sometimes I would like to be surrounded by Alexander Skarsgards.

Though the fact that I like Alexander Skarsgard because he is Swedish seems a bit odd, I have to say. Even the handsome men I like, I usually like because there's something weird about them. I prefer George Clooney when he's fat. Billy Zane when he's balding and also kind of fat. I would rather Sam Rockwell have a slight gut and that straggly moustache he sometimes wears, so that he looks like he just fell out of a trailer park somewhere at three o'clock in the morning, with no pants on.

I always like it when my dudes are playing some weirdo.

Of course the epitome of weird-cool at the moment is probably Jemaine Clement:

But maybe he's so weird that I can no longer like him. He's gone all the way around the scale and back into normal again. It would be too generic to surround myself with a gaggle of hims. Maybe if I surrounded myself with Rhys Darbys, who plays the even weirder band manager of Flight of the Conchords:

That would be weird enough?

I'm not sure. But here is another picture of Jemaine looking even weirder than he did in that other pic, to help me make up my mind:

I can definitely see him burning my heroine's name into a lawn somewhere, but leaving the last letter off because he didn't have enough gasoline: Popp.

Yeah, I can see that. I wish I could shake this feeling of helpless nothingness in order to write it. But then, it's even weirder than the other stuff I've written, so what's the use? You do me no favours, weird men. No favours at all.


  1. Yes, yes, some weirdo will always do for me. Murray and Jemaine are right up there in my list, I tell you. I also have a very soft spot for creepy, sinister types, epitomised by Alan Rickman playing Obadiah Slope in Barchester Chronicles (he gets bonus points for being Victorian too).

  2. What if your combined weirdness, with creepy sinisterness? That's almost the thing I'm actually managing to write at the moment! My hero accidentally sends my heroine a death threat! He meant it as a love poem, but it comes out wrong!

    I've got the Barchester Chronicles (I've got everything Alan Rickman is in) but somehow I couldn't fancy him in it. He just seemed so...young. Urgh. I was certain Alan was born at age 42.

  3. You've got EVERYTHING Alan Rickman is in? Me too! (starting to understand our yen for the creepy and weird...) No, I know, he looks wrongly young in BC, and the hair is not what you might expect, but the way he interprets the character is sooo much sexier than Trollope ever intended. And much better for it.

  4. I love love love Jemaine. And Murray. The fact that Toby Stephens looks like Murray in Robin Hood makes me laff like a jellyfish.

    Rickman - it's the voice. You know he was the first to play Le Vicomte De Valmont on Broadway?


  5. Justine: Yep, I've got everything. Even Dark Harbour and January Man. Though I long for some camcordered tape of him being Valmont- as Sef points out. Can you imagine?

    And Sef, I weep that I did not see your point with Jemaine so much earlier. All this time lost! Though I understood your attraction, the full weight of him did not lie on me until I watched series 2 of Conchords. Then something happened. Maybe it was the way he cries out when Bret hurls the empty hair gel pot at him.

    And when did you get a blog, you sneaky blogger, you!

  6. Blog is only 3 days old. I did a slippery policy reversal on my previous anti-blogging stance like some hideous politician. So *le sigh*. And you've missed nowt.

    I try not to think of Le Vicomte De Rickman because that kind of orsum can cause brain injury.

  7. Ah yeah! Sefi has a blog!

    And I have seen a bit of footage as Rickman as Valmont (albeit very grainy). The still pictures alone can only be viewed for ten seconds before I burst into flame. I think there is a full recording of it in existence