Tuesday, April 21, 2009

F*ck Me!

No really. F*ck me, Alex O'Loughlin. You're banging on my dork button right there, bebe. I will be watching Criminal Minds with you in it, v. soon.

P.S. I think I found a review for Seduction that no-one else has mentioned:


It's the first review I've seen that actually mentions something I've written, and gives it a little mini-review (along with a mini-review of everyone else's work)! So weird hearing someone else describe my work. So awesome that they liked it (even though the reviewer is very nice, and probably wouldn't have said if they'd hated something about it). But even so! First review with real words about my stuff!1!!1!

And also weird, because the story in question stars Alex O'Loughlin as Julian.


  1. Oh YES, I really see him as Julian. That's perfect! I'm glad Seduction is getting good ratings there.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Seduction review! I hadn't seen it. (Do be sure to send the link to Adam, if you haven't already. I think he'll send it around to everyone in the collection.)

    I'm afraid I don't know Alex O'Laughlin... but then, I don't watch much television. :)

    (E-mail to come... started it and then lost it!)

  3. Haha - you made a wish and it happened. Again. Wishy wishy. Nerd St John.

  4. Yeah, Justine! You think my dude fits! Yeah! So weird to have people talking about "Julian". He was in my head, now he's all walking around talking to peeps!

    Kristina: I will do. I've just rambled at him for half an hour about nonsense in an email, so I'll wait a minute. Then I'll send him the link. Otherwise he's going to think I'm stalking him. It's a nice review, isn't it? Real comments on each story, which I vastly appreciate. And I don't watch much TV either. 'Cept when there's hot blokes to be had.

    Ellaregina: thanks! How you doing anyways, bebes? You don't seem to be about much on your blog.

    Sefi!1!1! My wishes always happen. S'why you're going to be a millionaire head of your own brill company v. soon. Nerd St John, ha! P.S. Am still trying to work out way to deliver PD to you. May have cracked it. More soon.

  5. These are troubled times on the ER home front and my attention is necessarily diverted. I was thinking of putting a video of Susan Boyle on my blog in the interim, as a sign of hope in the world. Unfortunately, all the YouTubers of her on that programme have their embedding disabled.

    I'll be back in business when things are better sorted out and my brain can function properly.

    I'm so glad you queried an agent (I know that's in your more recent post so this comment may seem ass-backwards)! Think positively!