Thursday, April 23, 2009

Head Between Knees

I just queried an agent. I'm off the starting blocks! The starting blocks that lead into a race that's mostly silence and darkness and death and despair like Bones sez in the new Star Trek, but even so!

Oh God what have I done?


  1. You've boldly gone! Not where no-one has gone before, mind, but you're out there...

    (Can I stretch this Star Trek thing any further? Prob not! Well done, though - keep us posted on how you get on.)

  2. Star Trek can ALWAYS be stretched further. Especially when Zachary Quinto is involved in the stretching.

    And I promise I will keep you posted on all the things that do not happen at all with regards to my search for an agent. Every time another month's worth of silence passes, I shall tell the whole world!