Friday, April 10, 2009

Next Up, On The Charlotte Stein Show

My God that would be one awful sitcom. Lots of me falling over and sleeping with my glasses on and spilling things down myself. Hi-LARIOUS.

But my real intention with posting this blog is to say what I'm planning on doing next, having turned in TTTMMGI. If you're interested, Bertha. Bertha? What do you mean you're watching The Charlotte Stein Show? Look, it's just a girl who can't eat spaghetti right. And puts her socks on the wrong feet. Watch King of Queens, instead.

So, next up:

* Editing some stuff on TTTMMGI. I thought about doing a blog about Adam's response to it (seriously, he read it in three days. Three. I handed it in on Sunday night at 2am, he got back to me today at around 5. He is made of win and awesome, and I wish I could tell him that without sounding like a kiss ass), but...changed my mind. I might do a bit later, when I've decided whether it's a) okay to do so and b) I'm not just being a swaggering braggart.

* Finishing up my proposal for Black Sheep. At the moment, it's almost ready to go- I just need to trim the chapter by chapter synopsis, cut some of the waffling, and put in some extra sex in the first chapter. As can clearly be seen on the right hand side of my blog, I have new word count meters. Of course there's always the likeliehood I'll never sell any of that stuff in a million years, but I like having the meters. They push me.

* Writing No Touching. Recently shared with a friend the entire plot of it, and she actually got excited about the thing. She kept trying to guess the end before I'd even got to it, in a "oh please say they don't all die!" sort of way. Never had that before! Really pysched me up for it. Could be I've got a winner, here, unlike my usual waffling drivel novels.

* Finishing up proposal for Fantasyland.

* Getting up the courage to query an agent. I think No Touching would be a good thing to query with, though I'm not sure. I don't know if I can just query with what I've done so far- just email and be all like oh hai there, my book comes out in October plz 2 b representing me? But all of the big guns I want to go after only state in their submisson guidelines what to do if you're not published yet. I suppose it doesn't matter. I should just follow the guidelines, anyway. I don't know if BL is really big enough for any agent to be like: cor, yeah! Published already- let's go for it, Charlotte!

Not that BL is puny, or anything. BL rocks the kasbar. Still...I dunno.

I guess we'll see how brave I can be.


  1. Aha, 'gone off' you indeed! I knew there was something wrong with that statement.

    So TTTMMGI is all systems go then! Yay!

    I had no idea you'd got so far ahead with your next projects - you're like a roadrunner of erotica, leaving everyone in the dust there!

  2. I know- I don't know what's wrong with me. I email Adam, he replies "yes", I go OH MY GOD HE HATES ME!11!!1! HE HATES ME!!!! I'M DRIVING HIM BONKERS AND HE REGRETS EVERYTHING!!1!

    Rather than the more reasonable: he's v. busy don't be a goit.

    And it's not that I've got so far, really. I've been writing Black Sheep and Fantasyland for about five hundred years. They were what I was going to originally first send to BL.

    And yeah Sefi! Is internetz better?