Monday, June 15, 2009

Mancandy Monday: David Mitchell

Yeah, you heard that right. Yes, this is what he looks like:

But sue me. I just can't get enough of his withering, withering voice. And his weird eyes that are all black discs like in Krull.

Also, did you know? He's actually my male double. If you've ever seen the sketch where he plays a woman in a pub just sat there, that's what I look like. Except I'm not as tweedy. And I don't have a penis under my dress.


  1. Oh, you've reminded me of a conversation I had when a friend told me I was weird for fancying Richard Herring more than Stewart Lee - 'that's like preferring Mitchell to Webb,' she said.

    But I DO! I had to confess.

  2. Oh I so have a crush on him too! I've such a weakness for bitter intellectual/middle-class sarcasm. Love the Nazi sketch especially.

  3. That's like fancying x over y- as though there's something wrong with it! Poor David Mitchell.

    So glad I'm not alone in this. He needs more love, I feel. And my fave sketches of his: when he's the nasty waiter/vicar/shop salesman, who viciously berates the poor hapless fools who have stumbled into his restaurant, for being so plebian. When he plays Mrs Danvers in the Rebecca spoof. Last week, when he withered at Rob for wanting to hurl dogs through people's windows...I almost wrote a story starring him, because I could just picture him saying "Oh, so you want to have sex, do you? And like that? Well, I should think that's only to be expected, from a dirty little pleb like you."

    I don't think it would be very erotic, however.

  4. David is lovely but I have a big fat crush on Robert Webb. His name sounds like he should be a Jacobean poet. I can't help it. DM does need more love. He is the funniest thing in Peep Show.

    And yes - CS and I do look kinda like a Red Dwarf female parallel universe version of Mitchell and Webb. It's really so very weird and highlarious BUT WE ARE REALLY PROPER WOMEN I PROMISE YOU.

    Or maybe are just brothers and sister - which would make the fancying a whole new level of 'FLowers in the Attic' creepy-yuk.

    I'll stop now ...

  5. "And his weird eyes that are all black discs like in Krull."

    Honestly, every time I come here I nearly do a spit take. Love it! ;)


    Hee hee hee!

    Sommer- spit takes are bound to happen when it's a Krull related joke. They're always worth it. Next week, I'll be saying silly things based on Legend, starring Tom Cruise.