Monday, June 8, 2009

Mancandy Monday: Twitter

Phwoar, check out the breast on this baby:
So hot. I just can't get enough of that sweet sweet Twitter love.

And if you want variety, boy does Twitter have it. You feeling blue cos your page does not exist? At least there's hot Twitter birds to cheer you up:

Forget Mywaste and Faceberk. Twitter's got it all: the looks, the sexiness, the sudden communication with people who fancy Alex O'Loughlin as much as you do. I know we had a rocky start, Twitter, but I forgive you your weird bugs and strange issues and your Britney porn spammers. Because that's what people who love you do.

P.S. If you've made it past this mad paean to Twitter, then you'll now find out who has gotten their mitts on a copy of Liaisons. There was only two of you, so the random generator didn't have to work very hard. In fact, it kind of laughed in my face for having no readers. Bertha then comforted me. She reads my stuff ALLLLL the time. Bless her.

And so the winner is: Sefi! Well done to her. I actually did do it randomly, too, and blinded myself to the fact that she's one of my bestest mates. Because in book comps that no-one enters, fairness is the name of the game.


  1. Phwoar, that's my kind of bird!

    Better than that minging fail whale, fo sho.

  2. Did I win? ZOMG i feel sexxor. U r teh bestt Charlott Steyn. Look I've gon all illoiterate in happy joy. :)

    I don't get Twitter. Mainly because I have nothing to say and don't care what other people are doing. I am very boring. I am one with myself. That's all that matters.

    Plus I like pretty pictures.

  3. I hate that fail whale! That stupid big fail whale with his big smug head!

    And yeah, you won bebes! Email your address, okay? I think I've got it somewhere, but I can't remember if you've moved since then or what.

    And what do you mean you have nothing to say? Don't be daft. If you tell me who you are on Twitter, I promise I won't bother you with all the nothings I have to say!

  4. I'm just Twitter illiterate. Tweetless. Don't worry about me.

    Will send you my address, sugarplum. xx