Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Depressing Updates

Am a bit up and down, at the moment. I've had rejections from everything I've submitted to apart from Black Lace- Xcite, Cleis, Best Women's Erotica. The story I liked the most - Men - got a bad review from Coffee Time Romance. Even though it's also the most romantic story I've written. The only publisher willing to publish my stuff is probably going to fold any second (ETA: just to be clear for people who worry a lot like me in these uncertain times, this is nothing more than the fevered neurotic imaginings of my fear-the-worst-brain. Not super secret special inside knowledge of the world of publishing), I seem unable to count my numerous blessings, probably because the hot weather has made maths fall out of my head. I keep getting brain tumour headaches. We're all going to die in some unnamed apocalypse in 2012- probably when a gigantic brown dwarf crashes into us (ETA: this, on the other hand, is ABSOLUTE TRUTH).

Sorry I don't have better news. Here's a picture of Nathan Fillion's ass, Bertha, to sustain you through this trying time:


  1. Oh baby girl. You are super lucky and don't be sad. And I read that review you talking about and don't agree one bit with the criticisms as fact. Plus - she liked the other story. It made her fink. I mean - reeeeeally fink lots. ;)

    You should call your characters sexy names like Chad, Linus and Dirk. Chad Hunkadunk-Firmbottie - he whispers sweetly in my ear. Words of silver.

    Chad speaks to me ... "eee arrr love. Can I cum on yer tits?". He talks like teh Guy of Sexbourne y'see. From Doncaster, tha' nos.

    I totally agree about the dwarf though.


  2. I know I'm fantastically lucky, I'm sorry Sef. I don't know what came over me and now I hate myself for writing this stupid blog. Apart from that last bit about the brown dwarf. That's totally going to happen. Me and you on Noah's ark with John Cusack and Oliver Platt? (I swear to God it's a real film. 2012, which is probably about the brown dwarf, starring Cusack and Platt).

    You're too sweet to me. And a naughty girl for saying that about finking.

    Glad you got your parcel. Soz about the rubbish envelope. And yeah about the work thing!


  3. See now, you can't delete your blog, cause I just got here!

    Sorry you're having the Devil's own time lately. Good things'll come around again. They always do.

  4. Sorry not needed. You are lovely and despite envelope sh*tness, I luff ye. I read your stories. I loved them. I really really did. Will e-mail.

    If I am with the brown dwarf aftermath - I am totally on tinned fruit cocktails with VODKA (Sef loves vodka) or whatever survived like rubbing ointment or whatever. A

    nd I'm totally macking on PLATT! Not Cusack although we had parallel Irish shiny eyed maverick heritages (mine Fiennes green his rogueish and black - eyes that is).

    I'm all about teh girth and brown eyes on our post-apocalyptic cruise. Unless Gandolfini is there also, I am all about the Platt. He'd just be more fun. We know it. I've had a Jones for him since 3 Musketeers with *vomits* Sheen.

    And I want an UMBRELLA IN MY DRINK PLS!!!!!111

  5. Oh dear, bad reviews and rejections. All part of life's rich fucking tapestry, eh? Sorry to hear you've had the crappy bits lately.

    Second best reaction - get rotten angry. Write with spite and fury. Usually works for me. At least, sometimes helps bring the writing up/on a notch, which is all that really matters really.

    (- Best reaction, complete sublime indifference. Quite hard to manage, I think.)

    - also, which publisher is going to fold any second? Am I completely out of a loop? *Just a little alarmed*

  6. Aww, divvent be daft, hinny - nobody is going to fold! *touches all wooden surfaces within five miles* Sometimes all the badness happens at once, but at least that gets it out of the way.

    I'm sure there'll be better news soon.

  7. Awww, thanks Nikki. A writer's lot, eh? But I like your thinking on the anger front. Even though I haven't got a blinkin' clue what I should be angry about. People get thousands of rejections and years of misery- I'm thinking it's the end of days over about three.

    And no publisher is going to fold- just another example of my brain turning against me. They've published my stuff! They must be mad! Even if they're not mad a meteorite is about to hit them tomorrow even though they have the best meteorite protection of any other publisher of that genre!

    Listen to Justine. She's had to talk me down from the "Random House explodes in a firey disaster of some kind" ledge several times. But look at her! She's still touching wood! Ah, what a time to start out as a writer.

  8. Excuseme while I do this pompous thing and link to my post on failures, rejects, and losers, but I think the most interesting part of the post was the comments.

    Rejections suck. But you're a hella tough writer. Stick it out, chica.


  9. What's pompous about coming here to my blog just to be nice and share something heartening with me?

    In particular, this made me feel a lot better:

    "And I truly think it's important for writers at all stages to hear about rejection. Otherwise you can get lost in that "I must really suck" sensation when you get turned down. But it's something that happens to everyone.

    RKB had something cool on her blog about rejection the other day: I realized for like the millionth time recently that I am really sensitive to rejection. Any whiff of it and I feel stupid, like I am wasting my time, like my desire is just too much."

    It IS something that happens to everyone, and it makes even the best feel stupid, and I just have to remember that before I give in to my next meltdown.

    I think I can be tough. And I will stick it out, no matter what. Because this is what I want to do more than anything else in the world. So far I've had it easy, but doing what you want most in the world has to be hard, at some point. Otherwise, it wouldn't be worth half as much as it is.

  10. Oh Charlotte, I really have nothing to add but my empathy and a few hugs. Hang in there. I believe in you.

  11. Oh, Charlotte! So sorry to hear the news. But I believe in you as well, fwiw, and yeah, alas, rejections are part and parcel of this whole enterprise. I take to bed for days, myself. It doesn't get easier for those thin of skin. And bad reviews? Try not to take them to heart, although I know that's not so easy.

    Just keep up your writing. That is first and foremost, and perhaps the ONLY thing that matters. You're doing quite OK in my book. Please try not to let these recent disappointments set you back too much. Do something nice for yourself, OK?

    xoxo from across the way...

  12. Thanks Kristina. *hugs back* I'm feeling like such a nugget, now, for feeling so sorry for myself. But you and everyone else have been so nice about it. I really appreciate it.

    Thanks Ellaregina- and don't worry, I'm going to keep up the writing. I've just penned another story and wrote some of my novella and it's going okay. Because you're right- you can't let the disappointments set you back.

    Oh, you guys are making me all misty eyed.

  13. hey charlotte...i just stumbled by accident over your blog and have to confess that i didnt read any of your work so far ...but let me tell you..i had two rejections last month..and..which is even more hurting.. a bad was just a single phrase...but so mean that i was like uahhhhhhhhhh!...especilly painfull since it was the most difficult story for me to write since it was based on the memories of my can in one story..believe me my inner eye is traumatised forever..:-)...and then get a bad review..autsch*

    just wanted to tell you that you arent alone..a lot of us writers get rejections..

    and critics to what critics can do and get payd for:they criticize

    so dont let them get you down..i ll save you on my blog list and keep an eye on you

    best wishes from europe


  14. *commiserates with Danielle*

    I feel for you- especially when it was such a personal story. Can't imagine what that must be like just yet, though I'm sure it will happen! Thanks so much for stopping by to share your experiences. It sure does make me feel like I'm not alone.

  15. i always try to not take it personal when i get a not so good critic..first of all..i used to write critics before i wrote fiction..and know that no one wants to read good critics..they want the mean tearing up the whole thing critics...thats why i try to sheer myself up thinking the critic might liked my work..but didnt had the balls to confess it!!!

    and even though that one critic dont liked your work..someone else will love the good work coming...



  16. Hey Charlotte, I love your blog and hope this helps. There's this wicked quote from Maeve Binchy which I have somewhere where I can see it at all times and it is this:

    "If you get over-dejected by refusals then you're not nearly tough enough for this game."

    And if Maeve Binchy can be all kick-ass about rejections, then I think we all can too. Keep your chin up!

  17. Thanks, Danielle! You're a peach.

    And thanks for loving my blog and for your kind words, Julia. That Maeve- she knows what she's talking about. Any writer would kill themselves in a year if they let this stuff get to them too much. So I'm shaking it off and getting back on the horse.

  18. a peach? am i?..i hope its a good thing..:-)

    i recently spoke with kristina and shanna about rejections...and told them that stephen king used to hang all his rejections (back then when they came on paper instead as emails..:-) on a nail on the wall over his desk..he kept on doing it until it where so many rejections that the nail felt off of the wall...

  19. Hey Danielle, I read that too, wasn't it in that book he wrote about writing?

    See at least we're not all starving in garretts alone thinking we're terrible writers, instead we are messing about on the internet when we should be proving we are amazing writers, ahem, I mean, providing valuable words of comfort to others in the same predicament, of course...

  20. @ julia

    yes..the books title is "on writing" and is actually a pretty good book and worth reading..:-)

    and sure are happy that we can mess about it with other people on the net..:-))at least i am..:-)