Monday, September 21, 2009

Mancandy Monday: My Inner Bear

Once, Activia yoghurt did not have adverts that featured a load of bloated women. They had marvellous, inventive, wonderful ads, that featured a creature I labelled the "Inner Bear". Behold:

I'm pretty sure I have an Inner Bear. I'm also dead certain that he looks like this:

I have no idea why he's male, however. Though it is nice having a man inside me, all the time. Plus it justifies me having him as my Mancandy Monday, so that it's less like I fancy myself and more like I fancy a three foot tall bear with dead eyes and chocolate round its gob.

Until it turns, goblin-shapeshifter-like, into six foot tall Alex O'Loughlin without a shirt:

There's an awful mess when he bursts out of me like in Alien. But he's worth it.


  1. lol!
    I have an Inner Minotaur. He came bursting out yesterday and Oh, you should've seen the mess. The dogs are still shaking. Mr Ashbless is fleeing to California.


  2. I would have guessed minotaur! Hee hee. I bet he's a well sexy minotaur, too.