Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mancandy Tuesday: Sharlto Copley

What do you mean, you don't know who he is? You should- he's only in the best fookin' film of the year, District 9. And not only is he in it, but he carries the entire thing on his manager-of-Tescos shoulders, like an ant carrying a 30 million dollar Peter Jackson produced planet on its back.
For that alone he deserves my love, even if he's playing perhaps the most excrutiating middle manager dorkus creep ever seen on a movie screen. Observe:

And that's not even the dorkiest he looks in the movie. I couldn't find any pics of him wearing his olive green knitted tank top- probably because everyone else is sanely not fancying him.
And yet, I luff him. I even love his side-parting and his moustache and his tank top. The whole film is like watching Michael Scott (Wikus is not quite as unbearable as David Brent) being turned into an alien and forced to shoot things against his will. Just think about that, for a second. We live in a world where we can actually go to the movies and see a film about a guy like Michael Scott or a manager of Tescos or summat being body shocked like in The Fly. And then doing a bunch of other stuff that by the end has you clutching your chest for him.
There's something about such a thing that I find astonishing.
And the fact that he looks a lot like Hart Bochner after being squeezed through a nerdinator doesn't hurt. For the record here is Hart Bochner:

And here is Sharlto Copley:

But I'll take Wikus Van Der Merwe over either of them any day, just for his constant fookins and his glorious accent and that game of catch he plays. And for the one alien eye, of course:


  1. He looks like the men you fancy - they have the same look. Scott Cohen, Mark Strong, Richard Armitage.

    His name sounds like a type of wine or even a clinical behaviorial condition. Sharlto-Copley Syndrome. Maybe associated with David Brent and aliens.

  2. Janine Ashbless said the same thing to me and I was like- really? Is my type that obvious to other people that they can see it even when I haven't realised he's my type?

    Then I counted off all the ways he fulfills my type:

    * Dark hair
    * Handsome in an unconventional way, usually due to one or more side partings and the presence of unholy facial hair
    * Unintentionally funny- though intentionally funny is also okay
    * Kind of a nerd/dork
    * Seemingly weak-willed
    * Secret core of steel
    * Fabulous arse. Seriously, I have a weakness for a nice tight bum in the kind of trousers Wikus wears at the start of the movie. I yearn to be able to describe them. Do they have a particular name? Nerd trousers? What?

    And I have Sharlto-Copley Syndrome. It's real. It induces you into seeing District 9 three times in the space of four days and gives you fever dreams about Brundle-prawns and pulling bits off people and watching sexy guys run on ceilings before bonking you until you're exhausted.

  3. And don't forget the knitted tank-top. That's what gave it away for me!

    It is a fabulous film - there was one point where I was seriously scared it was going to go past my line-in-the-sand as far as violence goes, but thankfully I didn't have to leave the cinema! I loved the open ending too.

    Pass the catfood.