Friday, September 25, 2009

The Things That Make Me Give In

Okay, I thought I'd have at least another six days before I had to start the probable month long celebrations, promos and other things I haven't actually worked out yet, for the release of my book. I've spent so long sure that my book wasn't coming out, I've made no plans. I've picked no excerpts. I don't even know what the blurb is on the back of the book.

And yet behold, it is real! It's as real as my lust for Alex O'Loughlin! It's as real as a really real thing designed by Professor Actua-Lee Happ-Ning of the So Real You Can Bite It clinic for the Starving Hungry! It has been released into the world like those corn husk chicken things on that animal program this morning!

Other people have seen it before I have!

I curse you for living so far away, Justine Elyot. But Justine Elyot is also fabulous, for letting me know that the book is real. It actually arrived at her house! So unless there's only one copy in existence, my book is out on Amazon UK, six days early!


These things aside, here is what it looks like:

In case you've forgotten, Bertha. And here is its Amazon link:

I don't expect you to know that off by heart.

It is also available these places:

But not yet, which is making me flap and fuddle and other words that don't exist, trying to decide what to do. I think what I shall do is not be able to sleep a wink tonight, in anticpation of what could be my book (a complete book that I wrote fook me!) arriving tomorrow. And then hubbie will torment me by claiming it hasn't arrived, so that he can do the Joey Tribbiani "no it hasn't, yeah it has really" fake-out like he always does.

And then I do the "I'm going to divorce you, no not really" fake-out.

But I digress.

Now go buy my book, people of the world*! It's really good, honest- even Bertha** thinks so. I'll be posting excerpts and running a contest in days to come, so you can see just how good it is with your own two eyes!***

*By people of the world, I of course mean "the three people who read this blog".

**May not be a reliable witness.

***Results may vary.


  1. Huge fat congrats! Been looking forward to this one. I hope you get to stroke your book soon!

  2. Thanks, Kristina! I'm now paralysingly nervous about the idea of you reading it, but it's still orsum that a) Kristina Lloyd has congratulated me and b) she's looking forward to it! Eep!

  3. I think I have to wait a few more months to get my USian hands on your goodie goodies--so keep those stories warm for me!

  4. Congrats, Charlotte. I'm sure you'll get to fondle it soon... and me too.

    Darn, I mean the book. Not you fondling me.

    I'll shut up now, before I dig myself any deeper.

  5. I'll keep it toasty until December just for you, Jeremy! Thanks for the support! My book and I really appreciate it.

    I'd fondle you any day, Madelynne. And your books. In fact, I fondle your books all the time. They're just so sexy I can't resist!

    Thanks for the congrats and the support, hon! You're the best.

  6. heyyyy..:-)
    awsome news! i really cant wait to get a copie of your book between my fingers..:-)

  7. It's very VERY pretty. *fondle, fondle*

  8. Thank you for the support, Danielle! I really hope you like it.

    Justine- hubbie put it right in front of my face as I was sleeping this morning, to announce its arrival. It's so pretty I almost had an orgasm. Black Lace do some of the best covers, and the best looking books!

  9. Hey there wonderful lady. I am all kinds of poor at the moment, I can not WAIT to have extra pennies to buy your book. You are brill, I heart you. As you guys have said the cover is amazing. All kinds of stunning. I'm so happy for you.


  10. Congratulations Charlotte! - sorry to be late, but I languish in darkest Somerset. It'll be wonderful, I'm certain - money is going where my mouth is.

  11. Thanks, Eliza! I heart you right back, as you know. When the pennies come (as they will, because you're going to be BNTM AND Top Make-Up artist), I hope you like the insides as much as the outsides. Mick's in it, you know!

    Thanks, Janine! Doubly so for that lovely promo you did for me on your blog. You're the best, and made even better by all the languishing in darkest Somerset. It makes you sounds...mystical and pagan. Orsum.

  12. Very exciting, Charlotte, congratulations! It seems to me there's been a buzz around this book...I look forward to getting it when it's available in the U.S. ;)

    Congrats again!

  13. Thanks, Emerald- lovely to see you here! A buzz, eh? Oooh, that sounds exciting! I don't think there is, but I'm excited none-the-less.

    Oh, and feel free to enter my comp for a chance to win a copy! I don't mind where you are- the US or otherwise.

  14. Your book looks sexxor. You are super brillness. We can discuss in November. And maybe even Christmas - I'm spending it at my bros and he lives right near you!

  15. Excitement! You know it's my 30th on the 27th if Dec, right? Possible 30th birthday fun! And discussions of brilliance in November!

  16. Of course, deary. Your birthday! COME TO BIRFDAY VIPER PARTY XMAS SANTA EGG NOG time. We can make it happen. Hoorays. xxx

  17. The book looks great! Hopefully it will be picked up on and .ca soon (not just I've gone ahead and started tracking the book's sales rank (and thus sales) for you on the site I built, so I hope you find it useful!

    Tracking just started, so there is no 'history' prior to Oct 3rd.

  18. Yayyyyyyyyyy! Congratulations, Charlotte!!

  19. Mario- thank you! I don't know who you are or whether I'm supposed to thank you, but I like it!

    Ella- where have you been, hon? Haven't seen you about in a donkey's age. Thanks for the congrats!