Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mancandy Monday: Swedish Viking Vampires

Somehow, for me, the word "Swedish" in there makes the whole concept of Viking Vampires even hotter than it was before. Though I'm sure Alexander Skarsgard as a vampire has a lot to do with that. Behold, Eric Northman:

And also this:

And here's his hot Dad as a Viking, too:

Not a vampire one, but even so.
I've never been a big fan of Vikings in that Romancelandia sort of way, I have to say. I don't see the title: "The Very Virile Viking" and immediatly go oh, ho-OT! Auto-buy in my Amazon basket etc etc. But the idea of a modern day vamp who was once a Viking...yeah, that's hot. That way, you get all of the seething swarthy pillage and rapey-ness, only under the surface.

And you know me and under the surface-is-ity. Cry, cry your bloody tears Eric Northman. And then boil all over me like a raging man-cano.


  1. Eric season 2 is far more Viking Vampire hot than the first. I think it's the hair, and the vest.

  2. He's so hot in season two he makes me upset. The tracksuit, oh dear God the tracksuit...

  3. I know all about Vikings and archaeology, you know - mead drinking, moon worship, berry picking, reindeer for tea, drunkenness, slavery, silver robbery, gods and goddesses with golden hair, bird imagery, horse sacrifice, cultural expansion, rectangular housing, much death, much honour. Like Klingons without the forehead.

    In reality - I imagine they smelled of hessian and dung and herring and man musk in a way so foul, it cannot have been sexy at all. Bleurgh. But pretend Highlander-style costumed actor Northmen (the actual term for them) are much better.

    XanderSkar is very much the sex. Not even banged-face Lady Gaga can sully his divine beauty. She always looks like she is been eaten by her outfit. And on valium. As if she'd pull him. Plain girls do try harder (oh meow, Seffers!). Hmmm - anyway. Praise Odin's Oak and Thor's Mjöllnir (his hammer *giggles*) for his Örsömnåss.

    But - despite this - when I see such footage I think of åud and her many rabbits from Buffy.

  4. And I only just noticed the chin cleft. A proper VIking like Mr Douglas Snr always has a chin cleft.

  5. Charlotte, m'lovely, you have hit on what makes me give in with that top pic. I actually gasped aloud. Naughty thought time!