Monday, February 15, 2010

Mancandy Monday: Damon, from The Vampire Diaries

Because he was one of my first and only book crushes. I crushed on him so hard, I rewrote LJ Smith's books with me as the star.

Which I appreciate would have been weird, seeing as how he's hundreds of years old and I was thirteen. And also it was kind of odd how, in the story, I kept him in locked in my basement. I didn't have a basement at the time, but American stories (Chris Pike, Point Horror, Babysitter's Club) influenced me a lot, and they seemed to have a lot of basements in them.

Though the basement isn't really the odd part, is it. It's the keeping him down there bit, I know. I guess my thirteen year old self knew that I'd grow up wanting to poke men with sticks until they cried.

And although Ian Somerhalder isn't exactly as I pictured Damon, his rosy cheeks and girlish yet masculine good looks do bring out the stick-poker in me. Bad Damon, BAD! Get in your corner! Take off all your clothes! What's that you say? You like it when I tell you what to do?

Oh, Damon. I always knew you'd be this way.

P.S. I chose the picture not because I'm in the pocket of the CW and desperately want to plug their almost-good show, but because that picture Jesus fookin' H Christ on a bike make of sex. My thirteen year old self would have definitely stuck it on her pencil case.


  1. Cripes - were we separated at birth? We read all the same books and did the same things (i.e. rewrite books with us as the star) as kids. Obviously all those things point towards being a smutter as an adult ;)

  2. I guess all those strong Chris Pike heroines and the fantastic twists he did on old situations + love of smut + love of all the old tropes, like a vampire and his beloved = a certain sort of writer!