Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things I Plan To Do This Month

  • Write 15k of Control. Have managed 9k so far. I may have a cookie, as a reward.
  • Eat lots of cookies, when the headmaster of me isn't looking.
  • Write a whole bunch of other stuff, that together amounts to an amount I can't even think about without gasping.
  • Gasp more, especially when Sylar suddenly has sex with Peter Petrelli. Because you know that was where things were going, last episode. I'm not even sure if it would have required a gasp.
  • Not worry so much.
  • Laugh at myself, for imagining that I can fight worrying.
  • Use my mind powerz to force people into writing more Heroes pr0n.
  • If I have mind powerz, why aren't I using them to force people to give me money, or worship me on Sundays, or summat?
  • Stupid list.

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