Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pleasant Happenings

I got an absolutely stonking review on It somehow managed to alleviate all my fears about The Things That Make Me Give In- even the fears that contradict the other fears, like: it's way too porny, and way too foo-foo.

So a big thank you to the wonderful reviewer, whoever you are!

I'm also featured in Scarlet magazine's March edition- there's an excerpt from The Things That Make Me Give In in their Juicy Bit section. You can buy the digital edition here, now:

But I'm not sure when the hard copy version will be out.

And then the lovely and talented Lisabet Sarai went and recommended this blog in her newsletter!

She said my blog is funny! I have no idea where she's gotten that idea from. This is a purely straight, factual, indepth look at the highly important issues of modern society. Like: do you think Ed Helms had a towel stuffed into his underwear, in The Hangover? How come Benicio Del Toro has become so ugly? I like all kinds of weird men- and yet his new ugliness overpowers me! I wish it was some other actor in The Wolfman. Like Matthew Macfadyen! HOMG that would be insane.

I would die of sex.

See? Serious. I'm talking about dying of sex, here. Dying.


  1. Hey, Charlotte,

    Your sober attitude towards life is almost frightening...

    Didn't your romance editor tell you not to talk about nasty things like death ;^)

    Lots of love,

  2. Hee hee! I try so hard to be upbeat, Lisabet, but it's so difficult when all these hot dudes are crushing me to death with their giant bulges and their massive man-hands.