Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cave Dweller

As I've now signed the contract, I thought I'd make a blog post. About the most orsum thing to ever happen ever since the dawn of time.

Okay- maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. Maybe it's not as orsum as, say, the invention of chicken satays or the glory of Evan Lysacek's ass (pictured here).

But even so, I've got to say. Having Ellora's Cave accept your work for publication is pretty fookin' amazing. By any standards, I think that's pretty amazing. So amazing that when the executive editor emailed me, I had a total blubbing meltdown and my husband leapt out of bed to find out who had tried to murder me/whether Freddy Krueger had just appeared at the window/if someone had just insulted me on the tinternetz.

None of the above had happened, just so everyone knows. Freddy isn't real, I swear, I hope, oh God if he makes me merge with a mantelpiece and rapes me with giant elastic arms in my dreams I'm going to be very upset.

Especially as I've just been welcomed into the cave that is Ellora's. By God, just saying it makes me spazz out. I remember discovering EC about three years ago, and being all: WHAT is THIS? WHY did someone not TELL ME that there's a publisher putting out actual erotic books that are also horrors, and sci-fis and fantasies and historicals, week after week?

As much as Black Lace was a revelation for me, fifteen years ago, EC was a revelation in just how filled with variety erotica could be. And now I'm going to be a part of it (touch wood, always touch wood, probably of the attached to Murdock from the A-Team variety). Alongside some of my favourite authors- Madison Hayes, Leda Swann, Kate Pearce, Portia Da Costa, Evangeline Anderson, Summer Devon, Bronwyn Green, Nathalie Gray, Ann Wesley Hardin, Joey W Hill, Cara McKenna, Sommer Marsden and Denise Rossetti.

Listing all of those makes my knees knock together. And maybe I also have an orgasm, while thinking about all of that orsumness.

Somehow I don't think my paltry orsumness is going to live up to that legacy. But I'm going to try. Here's the blurb for the novella I'm going to try with:

When Quade swoops in to save his arch nemesis, Sol, from bloodthirsty Cybers, he doesn’t expect to find himself almost torn apart, terrified beyond imagining and even worse- declaring love to her.

But now they’re trapped on Sol’s ship, and both are half-wild with the lust drug they seem to have been pumped full of. If they can’t get a hold of themselves quick, they’re going to be doing some pretty dirty things. And even worse, Sol doesn’t seem to mind at all, that newfound feelings are bursting out all over.

Especially the ones that include wild and constant sex, with her former enemy.

It's very heavily inspired by Firefly, very filled with bits of Nathan Fillion and bits of Red Dwarf and my love of funny sci-fi. And of course, it's jam-packed with my love of La Roux, the most orsum band to ever exist ever. Can't believe I wrote the below blog post about ten seconds before I got the acceptance email. That must be some sort of karmic cosmic world beating coincedence.

Right now, you and me are okay, universe. I think I may even love you, a little bit.


  1. Congratulations, Charlotte! It is a delight to witness your feeling such excitement and satisfaction (truly)!


  2. Oh how absolutely brilliant, Charlotte! Go you!!

  3. Congratulations!!!

  4. Emerald- thank you! I'm as giddy as a kid who's just got off a roundabout!

    Jo- thank you, mah lovely!

    Janine- cheers, mah dears!

    Nicola- is that you, Nicola? From class? Or is this a different Nicola? Either way, thank you!

  5. Congratulations! I'm sure they're having an orsumgasm over signing you.

  6. Yes, Nicola from class. Well now ex-class :o(
    I thought it was a great bit of news so wanted to congratulate you....

  7. Jeremy- Thank you, mah lovely. You're the best. And I hope so! If not orsumgasms, then at least little mini ones that get them all riled up.

    Nicola- I know- so sad that it's all finished! Makes me definitely want to do longer than a 10 week one. 20 weeks! 30! To infinity! Shall miss you, and good luck with the writing!

  8. Yeah, that would be great. Not sure about an infinate course though... Firstly, contrary to popular belief, I may eventually have something else to do on Thursday nights, I appreciate that's hard to comprehend but yes I may! And secondly, surely I will be the next JK Rowling long before that??!