Sunday, May 2, 2010

Six Months Of My Life

And now Control is done. Of course it's not completely done, because now my editor has to read it and probably shun me for all eternity and cast me down into the bowels of Hades or some similar thing, for writing the worst book ever written.

But it's written, at least. 74,200 words. Bucketloads of sex. Too many sweater-vests to count. One pair of pink knickers, many, many dom/sub games, a parcel of menage stuff, a gaggle of made up smutty book names, very little seen of the city of York and a patridge in an up the bum pear tree.

I don't know what to do with myself, now. But I do know that it's very fitting, that today is the day my book went up on Amazon:

It's only available to pre-order on the UK site, at the moment, but I don't care- I'm just relieved it's there. And that the blurb on the US sight resembles the book I handed in, because I couldn't remember what I'd actually written! What if the blurb had said: Madison Morris likes to eat hamsters and shits rainbows? Madison Morris likes dudes who are entirely neutral on the whole dom/sub thing? Madison Morris owns a supermarket and is having it off with a trolley dolly?

Phew. Dodged a bullet, there.


  1. Does "utterly repressed Gabriel" in any way resemble the lovely and adorkable Gabriel Gray from Heroes? *hopeful face*

  2. Well done! And I bet it's brilliant!

  3. Hello Verona- thanks for visiting my blog! And yes, yes indeed he does. He was totally my inspiration! Because his adorkableness just DOES things to me.

    Janine- thank you, mah lovely! I'm still in the doubting phase, but am *trying* to feel like it's brilliant. Or at least, you know. Semi-decent.

  4. @Charlotte,

    I've actually been lurking for a few months now, but I just had to de-lurk to ask the Gabriel question. :)

    I loved "Waiting in Vain."

  5. Congratulations! [Repeat 74,199 times!]

    So this is the first book in history where the sweater-vest count exceeds the word count? I knew you could do it!

    : )

  6. Verona- Hee hee! You don't have to lurk, bb! Come and chat- I'm not as evol and man devouring as I seem, honest guv'nor! And thank you so much for saying you like WIV. That's so lovely of you to say!

    Jeremy- I have achieved that almighty task. More sweater-vests than words. I was going to change the title to Marks and Spencer's. (and thanks for the congrats!)

    Elise- my menteeeeee!111 Yay! Thanks for stopping by, bb, and for giving me a yay! *smooches*