Friday, May 7, 2010

Holy Mother Of All That Is Sweet And Pure

Yeah, I know I should probably comment on the election. Maybe I should be all stressed that my country is now on the level of some made up country that elects a goat as Prime Minister.

But I know where my priorities lie. They lie with Murdock from the A-Team, and the fact that today is the greatest day of all time because I finally learnt his first name. It's James. At last, I need not puzzle over what to cry out in the throes of passion. James! Oh, James!

Also: how hot is he in the above TV spot? I am having cold sweats. I'm shaking with unbridled knicker-wetting lust. Just the sight of his side-parted mental ward hair at the beginning, oh. Oh, I don't want annnn-ee-body else. When I think about you I touch myself whoa-oh-oh.


  1. Tell me this though. Are you not just a little bit frightened? That it won't be good? That it won't be right? That they'll spoil it all?

    My husband fears it'll all be wrong... I don't know. The trailer looked just right to me, but I might have been happy just to see the A Team.

    Ah well. We'll see...

  2. bb, you know I am terrified beyond all reckoning. I am terrified to the point of madness. My love for Murdock is all encompassing, and if Sharlto messes it up I'll be almost real life devastated.

    Especially as each new trailer makes him look more and more perfect.

  3. :)

    So you'll be buying the cyanide popcorn then.