Monday, May 3, 2010

Mancandy Monday: Jake Gyllenhaal's Older British Brother

Have just seen the Prince of Persia trailer, and I mean seriously. SERIOUSLY. When did he grow a British sounding brother with pecs of steel and manly stubbly and the movie The Mummy going on around him?

Of course I've seen pictures of him in this already, looking all manbooby and rugged. But nothing prepared me for the trailer, and the pod person version of the guy I used to fancy in Donnie Darko. Only, you know. Pod person in the very best sense of that term. Pod person in the sense of me inventing the pod technology, and using it to create more hot, manbooby dudes with swords, who still have that inner core of being Jake Gyllenhaal, all probably repressed and big eyed and what do you mean you want to touch my winky? I need to ride out into the desert and capture the Sand Gobulet of Irun-Cok without a shirt on!

Oh, swoon.

I'll just follow behind you, New Jake Gyllenhaal (or in fantasy land terms: Nu-juk Jilani'hal), and brew my love potions, and suddenly shoot you with a dart from my lust-gun. Then BLAMMO! Hot in-a-cave seksing, with extra magical sand orgasms!

Roll on 28th May.

P.S. I'm blogging over at Total-E-Bound today about finishing something, and starting other things! Stop by and visit me!


  1. Girl, I KNOW! I saw the cardboard cutout on the cinema stairwell, and nearly caused a pileup standing staring at it with my mouth open.

  2. I had not seen that trailer yet. Thank you.:)

  3. *sigh*
    I will go see Prince of Persia. How could I not? But I will never EVER forgive them for casting Jake G as the lead and not John Abraham. He would have been perfect. But you know, he just wasn't American.
    Or white.

    Bloody Hollywood.

  4. Jo- LOL! His new manboobs definitely deserve a pile-up. They would have forgiven you!

    Verona- I'm just here, spreading the Gyllenhaal love!

    Janine- HOMG hot. And I never even thought of that, in my rush towards the manbeef! Bad Charlotte. Boooo Hollywood!