Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Okay, this is probably interesting to no-one (except for you, Bertha. Always for you), but I thought I'd share some of the music I like to write to. I always make playlists on the Greatest Invention The World Has Ever Seen, and certain songs become kind of almost like the theme songs to my work. These songs are pissed, that they have to be attached to so much absolute nonsense.

But ha, song, I have you now! You have to be my theme songs, if I tell you to.

Anyway, theme songs from various random garbage, from me:

Control: A Kiss Is Not A Contract, Flight of the Conchords/Halo, Beyonce
The Things That Make Me Give In: I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked, Ida Maria
The Horizon: Waiting For My Real Life To Begin, The Cast of Scrubs/As If By Magic, La Roux/Armour Love, La Roux
Waiting In Vain: Uh, I think you can guess this one.
Tigerlily: Tigerlily, La Roux
Lust Dazed: Sweet Ballad, Munchausen By Proxy
Past Pleasures: Armour Love, La Roux/Hello (Turn Your Radio On), Shakespears Sister

Things I'm working on at the moment:

Alpha Male: Bust Your Windows, Jazmine Sullivan/Transformation, My Demon Lover Soundtrack
Electric Dreams: Bulletproof, La Roux/The Oh of Pleasure, Ray Lynch

As you can see, there's a lot of La Roux. Because they wreck all. They just wreck it. I could listen to her haunting, yearning voice all the live long day, and especially when she's singing lines like:

"And you, you're the only home I've ever known."


"You seem to believe you belong to somebody else."

When I was going through a very bad time, writing-wise, La Roux helped me through. Armour Love helped me through. And I won't ever forget how powerfully writing The Horizon and listening to Armour Love/As If By Magic (and Waiting For My Real Life To Begin) affected me.

Not ever.

I poured everything I had into that story, and that music made me pour everything I had into that story, and I couldn't have let go and stopped panicking and thinking my career was over, if it had not been for those songs. They pushed me, and I pushed me, and I owe that little weird red-headed lady a lot.

Maybe one day I'll write her a letter. A mad one, like this blog post.


  1. I missed Bertha! What's she been up to?

  2. ahhh...i wish i could still listen to music while i work..but about a year ago or so i couldnt concentrate anymore on what i was writing when i played music along..:-(

  3. Jeremy- Missing you! And throwing things at me, as usual.

    Danielle- I totally get that. Sometimes when I'm trying to write a complicated bit, I need silence. Luckily, my stories rarely have complicated bits in them. Usually it's just a load of- HOMG THAT DUDE IS SO HOT!

  4. smile*

    sounds like a lot of fun..:-))))
    i m glad you have so much fun writing them..because i love to read them..:-) your book is still one of my last years favorite..:-)