Monday, May 17, 2010

Mancandy Monday: Data, From Star Trek: The Next Generation

I'm on a bit of an android kick at the moment, so for this week's Mancandy Monday I thought I'd do everybody's favourite sexy (shut up, he is) robot: Data, from Star Trek: The Next Generation!

Here he is, looking hot:

Wait. What do you mean that's not Data? Of course it is, look at him! What are you saying? That he has an evol non-goatee wearing twin brother, Lore? Who will probably trick me into having hot monkey sex with him by pretending to be the nice one?


Or at least, that's how my thirteen year old brain processed things. Data = orsum. Lore the evol twin brother who probably knew how to do filthy sounding things like "doggy style" and "sixty-nines" = even more orsum. So orsum, in fact, that I bought a boxset made out of Data's head, and snogged it while pretending it was Lore.

What? All of this is totally normal. Everyone prefers the bad android, okay? Loads of people snog inanimate objects, especially when they're thirteen. Or thirty.

But anyhoo, I'm pretty sure Data/Lore began my obsession with emotionally stunted, kind of innocent but probably secretly evol, men who can go all night and respond well to orders. And if you want any further evidence of my apparently very specific and completely odd taste in men, look no further than Evan Lysacek.

Who is doing the paso doble, tonight! Probably while wearing a cape. HOMG- it's the bad Evan! If he comes out wearing a goatee, I am going to flip out.


  1. You crack me up, Charlotte. I have to admit, it was Jean Luc all the way for me. Engage!

  2. I never quite fancied Jean-Luc, but I sure could have made it so with that voice of his!