Friday, May 14, 2010

Cocktales. Cock...tales!

Oh, how I wish there were more tales, about winkies! Like the tale of Evan Lysacek's penis, and it's long and arduous journey to the centre of my underpants. Or the harrowing true story of the willy without a face.

Until some kind soul gave it one:

But I digress. I am really here to talk about Xcite books and their latest series of anthologies- Cocktales. Because my story, Oh, The Games We Play is in one of them!

My editor hasn't yet okayed me to say I'm in this antho, but since it's released and my name is up there on the website, I figure it's okay. It's okay, right? HOMG it's not, is it. BANISHED FOREVER!!!!!


  1. Perhaps you'd like this bit of puppetry by the Dickies:

    : )

  2. Yeah, I've seen it and LOVED it! LOL! You always come up with the good stuff, Jeremy!