Saturday, July 24, 2010

Interview and Winners!

So I made my two hands into the official draw device, and used tiny bits (so tiny that I thought the sun God Ra had entered my competition) of cut up post-it as the draw ballot things, and picked TWO winners! That's right: TWO. How wonderful and generous am I?

And the winners I picked are:

Verona St James and Cara Mckenna! Just email me, ladies, at for your free copies of Tigerlily!

And now to other business. You see, Tigerlily is actually part of a collection at Total-E-Bound. The Sultry Solstice collection. And over the next week or so I hope to post interviews with the other delightful authors in this collection, and hopefully be interviewed by them!

The first author I had a delightful chat with is the lovely Rachel Randall, who put up with me asking some very weird questions indeed!

1. You noticed my mad poems, and therefore I am going to write one in your honour. Tell me some things about yourself first, so that I may do so:

This was actually very hard question as I didn't want to unduly influence the direction of the poem. (One wrong answer and it could go Vogon...)

But here are 5 random things about me :)

- I love bling. I have an entire cupboard of it. If it sparkles, I wear it.
- I live in a period deco apartment with a stained-glass ceiling.
- I appeared on a game-show when I was five years old.
- My favourite place is London, more specifically the South Bank, with a glass of Pimms in hand and the sun setting over Waterloo Bridge.
- I'm VERY excited to be writing erotica through Total E-Bound. The Festival Spirit is my first e-book release and it's fantastic to be in the company of you, Bronwyn and Jessica for the Sultry Solstice collection (taking all the pressure off my first time LOL).

2. My fairy inspiration has always been Labyrinth. If you too have a fairy inspiration, tell me all about it. Don't be scared. I am greedy for information, but not your immortal soul:

You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power!

Ahh, yes. Labyrinth? ME TOO.

In The Festival Spirit, Mira’s journey through the forest to find Johnny definitely drew inspiration from the muppety masterpiece, as did her conflict.

You have no power over me.

Looking back at my adolescent self, I can only be grateful that Sarah was able to say those words for me because, wow, they were a lie. I suspect Jareth (the hair! the crotch!) holds most of us in thrall to this day... Though wasn’t he officially a Goblin not a fairy? I’ve never been clear on that. (Interviewer's note: He was the Goblin King, but I got the impression he was King of a lot of things. Including my groin)

3. My greed also wishes to hear more about your fabulous story, The Festival Spirit. Even though I actually already know all about it. But for the purposes of introducing you to Bertha, and my other three readers, it is necessary to maintain this facade:

Music festival. Hot rockstars. Angry fairy. Tree bondage. Long-time lusting. Dominance and submission. Mind-control. Come or die.

Want more? The Wordle tells all.

4. And now my greed wishes to hear of things you are working on, so readers eager for more can salivate in anticipation.

Threesomes, lots of threesomes. (What can I say, I’m greedy too!)

Plus, Lee’s quite demanding. He’s pushed his way into my Christmas story -- it’s about a holiday sex party, why wouldn’t he want to be invited? He’s also shagging Mira in The Festival Spirit prequel I’m currently writing as a free story. If he promises to misbehave, I may give him his own story to star in.

Hopefully I’ll have good news to share about these projects and more soon!

5. And finally, Rachel, you must answer the most important question in life. More important than chocolate spread or jam. More important than cake or death. The question: which vampire is best, Eric Northman, Edward Cullen, Mick St John, him out of Fright Night, or Gary Oldman? Choose wisely, my friend, choose wisely.

Oooh, I'm afraid for me it's Spike, Season 5, all the way (Interviewer's note: I CANNOT believe I didn't include Spike. What is WRONG with me?). I think it was the leather jacket. And when I think of Edwards, I don’t think of sparkling vampires, I think of blond sociopathic bounty-hunters with flame throwers. Why Anita never ditched the vamps to go with Death, I'll never understand.

And that's the end of the interview! Apart from the poem that I've now created, in Rachel's honour:

Oh, Rachel thinks it's an honour to be in my company,
So clearly she's mad.
But she's right about the other two,
So I'll give her credit for some sanity.
Also she likes London and was on a gameshow
So she's pretty orsum.
In fact, I think she may
Be very orsum.
After all, she reminded me of Spike
When I'd forgotten about him,
And she also
Like Edward Cullen
Only totally not rubbish.

And a link to her wonderful novella, The Festival Spirit!


  1. *And she also
    Like Edward Cullen
    Only totally not rubbish.*

    LMAO!! New bio, srsly.

    Thanks Mighty Viper :)

  2. Best interview ever! On the strength of that, I'm off to buy Rachel's story - the South Bank with a glass of Pimms is truly unbeatable. But I really do want to know - which game show?

    (Also, slightly relieved I didn't win the comp because I've already bought Tigerlily & it's sitting in my VIP area calling to me in a sirenesque way.)

  3. i think Rachel needs to frame that poem in a very sparkly frame! I know I would. Good luck rachel with your book. it sounds...well, orsum. ;)


  4. @Justine
    A very SPECIAL Canadian 1980s game show! And did you know they add watermelon to the SouthBank Pimms? It is the ultimate secret crack ingredient!

    Thank you! Also, that poem is totally my new fav thing ever (except of course the watermelon Southbank Pimms, see above)

  5. Rachel- Hee hee! Glad you liked it. I'm not even disappointed that you prefer watermelon Pimms, because anything watermelon based is God-like and must be worshipped.

    Justine- Yay! My story is sirenesque! And yay for buying Rachel's story- cos she's orsum.

    Sommer- Say the word, and I will write a poem just for you.