Monday, July 26, 2010

Mancandy Monday: Sam, From Tigerlily

As you probably know by now, I love all my heroes. I wouldn't write about them, if I didn't love them. Some image, or actor dude, or film sparks something in me, and I just have to write about the guy all of these things create in my lust addled mind.

And in the case of Sam, the lust addledment came from various things.
I added a little of this:

Followed by a little of this:

And some of this:

And oh yeah, this:
And I mixed them all together like some unholy recipe of bulging tights and gnarled sex Gods and giant eyebrows, and made a bundt cake of spicy hairy deliciousness. I've no idea why it's a bundt cake, or, indeed, why it is hairy, but there it is. The inner processes of my ever horny mind.
I don't think it will surprise you that these processes are about one-tenth things like settings, and characterisation, and about nine-tenths bulging tights, and hairiness. But I thought I'd share anyway, just in case you were worried that I was falling down in the man-lusting department.
And if you fancy a bit of spicy bulgy hairiness yourself (I promise, hairiness is minimal), just go here:


  1. Do these tights make my bundt cakes look hairy?

  2. Lol, Jeremy. Hee.

    I was going to say, you really mean butt cake, don't you. Come round to Charlotte's for tea and butt cake...

  3. I almost never serve butt cake. Almost very quite nearly never. Swear to God.