Monday, July 19, 2010


So my latest novella, a paranormal about fairies and the like called Tigerlily, is out from Total-E-Bound today. And I'm excited for more than the usual release day reasons. I'm excited because:

a) The subject matter of Tigerlily is very close to my heart. It's the sort of story I've always wanted to tell.

b) It's my first release in the past tense, which may not sound like a big deal, but is for me.

c) My editor seemed to really love it, so I'm hoping people will at least like it a little bit.

d) I can't think of a D. I'm just excited.

So excited that I've done a bit of a blog tour! With many kind authors who've agreed to host me. Cora Zane has already posted my stuff on her blog, here:

But either today or over the coming days I should also be appearing and making messes all over the blogs of:

Justine Elyot
Lucy Felthouse
Jeremy Edwards
Elise Hepner

On top of promo stuff, I've also written poems in their honour, so do drop by and say hello! And laugh at my poem-making abilities.

And now, for some super fabulous exciting info about Tigerlily, to hopefully make you as happy in your underpants as I am, about it:

Amazing thrilling blurb:

Oh what’s a girl to do, when she finds a sexy, naked man in her back garden?

When a naked guy turns up in Mae’s back garden, she can’t decide if he’s crazy or sent from heaven. He can’t remember his name, or where he’s from, but he seems to know one thing for certain- Mae is in need of some hot loving, and fast.

However, the more he persuades her to let go and give in, the more she finds herself believing that she’s met him before. But childhood games with a boy who she’s sure had wings on his back are giving way to her deepest sexual fantasies, and dreams of another world entirely are not far behind…

Shocking exciting excerpt:

“There was a guy, running a blue streak through the trees. Mae Connelly could see him, even amidst the febrile greenery and the lowering light, arms pumping. Legs pumping. Cock swinging in the breeze.

Which was when she decided to stand up, and get a better look.

Purely out of simple curiosity, of course. Nothing unseemly about stepping off your porch to gawk at a man who appeared to be running through the field behind your house, buck ass nekkid.

And it didn’t sadden her—not even a little—when he ploughed into the long grass and everything below the waist got cut off. No—not even a little bit, uh-uh. After all, she was just a concerned citizen.

Concerned about someone who sure looked terrified. He looked more than terrified—she could see him, turning his head every five seconds as though expecting to see hellhounds behind him, chomping at his heels. He kept almost stumbling, like fear wouldn’t let him keep his footing.
And as he veered closer to her house, she could definitely make out red, striping his upper arms. The fact that said upper arms were sinewy with muscle and very nice indeed took a shameful backseat.

She shouted before her brain confirmed that doing so was a good idea.


It was definitely not a good idea. He fell almost immediately, at the sound of her voice. She saw him turn, and then it was all just tits over ass and nothing but the long grass, stirring, to suggest that he had ever been there.

All the possible reasons that someone could be running, naked and terrified, went through her head: escape from a forced nudist colony. Being hunted by a Terminator from the future. Sex game that went horribly, horribly wrong. Or right, depending on your kink.

But none of them seemed either a) plausible or b) sane. As far as she knew, forced nudist colonies didn’t even exist. And likely Terminators and time travel machines didn’t, either. Especially not ones that sent you through time with your ass hanging out.”

Stupendous link of wonder, from whence you might purchase this delight:

Gorgeous cover image:

Image of hot dude, to fool you into buying by making you think you're going to get to take a chunk out of this sweet candy:

Of course, Tigerlily's hero is *based* in part on Zachary Quinto, so maybe in that department you won't be too disappointed.

And finally, I am of course running a competition for you to win a copy of this naked Quinto candy! All you need to do is comment, maybe say something about fairies or the movie Labyrinth (which inspired Tigerlily), maybe just wave, and I'll put you all in a hat.

What have you got to lose? Apart from your hand, because the hat is like a bear trap and will close if you're not quick enough putting your name into it.*

*Not really**

**No, really.


  1. You remind me of the babe.

    Do I win???!!!!

  2. Happy Release Day, Charlotte. I liked Jareth's coat in the ball scene that I recreated it for my significant other.

  3. "Everything that you wanted I have done. You asked that the child be taken: I took him. You cowered before me: I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations of me!"

    Congratulations Charlotte! I am so glad you finally got to write the sort of fantasy erotica you want to tell and I want to read!

  4. I started reading this... paranormal story about fairies... no sex from Charlotte? Eh??

    Then I read further down and of course there is sex in the story about fairies, and so all is right in the world again!

    Well done on the past tense thing. You always taught us that it's good to sometimes leave your comfort zone and try new things!

    Enjoy launch day :o)

  5. Happy Release Day!

    This sounds fabulous! If I don't win it here I'll just have to go and buy it there. :)

  6. Happy release Day. Hope the book sells and sells.

  7. That excerpt is hilarious. I like the "forced nudist colony" bit.

    And I still got all my fingers, so I must be faster than your hat/bear trap. *triumphant laughter*

  8. Your poem and blurb is live here:

    Good luck! :)

  9. Thanks so much, everybody, for stopping by and commenting! There's nothing nicer than seeing lots of lovely people throwing their names into the hat on release day.

    The competition will be open until Friday, then I'll pick a winner!

  10. I want I want! The amount I want is directly proportional to how uncomfortable David Bowie's crotch in those stretchy gray pants made my mesmermized eight-year old self each of the five hundred times I watched Labyrinth.

  11. Just peeking in to say congrats!! And thanks for keeping my blog from being empty and boring while I'm away. And I can't read to wait [I meant vice versa, of course] Tigerlily (but I shouldn't win, 'cause I won last time, so I'll just wear the hat rather than putting my name in)!

  12. Congratulations on the release of your book. I hope it sells like crazy. Enjoyed the excerpt from it - makes me want to read all of it.